Where to Go Camping

Are you planning a camping trip with your family but can’t figure out your next camping trip location?

Here we are listing down some of the country’s most famous camping spots down below. They are popular for all the right reasons. From being beautifully scenic to safe and secluded, have a look at our top six camping spot picks for you.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is considered to be the Pine Three State’s natural jewel. Located on Mount Desert Island, the park expands on a canvas of more than 17 million acres of forest, over 6000 water bodies like lakes and ponds, and offers over 32000 miles of rivers and streams as the calming sound in the background. In addition to the picturesque backdrop for your camping trip, the park hosts three campgrounds where you can set up a tent:

Where to Go Camping
  1. Seawall – It is a less touristy spot in the park compared to others.
  2. Blackwoods – Close to Bar Harbor and one of the commonly populated ones.
  3. Schoodic Woods – Placed on the Schoodic peninsula for a higher, hilly viewpoint.

While it is unfortunate that Acadia had to close down given the COVID-19 restrictions, many hiking trails were still open for people. However, now that the restrictions have been lifted, Acadia campgrounds are back to being open for people. You can check out their website for more information.

Cheaha State Park, Alabama

You might not commonly find travelers starting to visit Alabama for mountainous views, but Cheaha State Park has turned things around. The 77-site campground that takes its name from Creek Indian, which means “high place” is aptly fitting as its name. It is a breezy, mountainous area sitting 2407 feet above sea level. Alongside scenic views day and night, it is an amenity-rick woodland area that hosts campers, hikers, climbers, and bikers in great numbers due to added facilities. From bathhouses to fire rings and even electrical points, you will never run short of any basic necessity on this trip.

Minnewaska State Park Reserve, New York

Placed at the convenience of just 94 miles outside of New York, Minnewaska State Park Reserve is yet another highland campground that sits at 2000 feet above sea level. Picturesquely situated on the Shawangunk Ridge, the rocky terrain adds to the massive expanse of beauty for the camp side. It allows spacious are for hiking, bike riding and perfect if you just want to take in the view. The surrounding water bodies make up a system for cooling the air as night descends, making the sleeping time comfortable for campers and keeping bugs at bay.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

Why take spate trips to the beach and for camping when you can enjoy a collective experience in a single, fulfilling trip? Assateague Island campgrounds are located only nine miles south of Ocean City, practically placing you on the beach as you camp. Therefore, not only do you get the benefits of camping, but multiple water activities like swimming, surfing, crabbing, kayaking, and paddleboarding await you on this trip. You can even go bike riding or horse riding along the seashore and enjoy making friends with wild horses as they roam the wilderness. It totally makes up for a great camp spot, especially during summertime, as the sea breeze keeps temperatures cool during the evening.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

If you are located near the greater Texan areas, then Big Bend National Park is the place. Your camping trip would become exceedingly adventurous given how many amazing activities are added to your agenda. From rafting, kayaking, and canoeing to trailing alongside mountainous areas with a river backdrop is just as splendid as it sounds. The park is a large expanse of the mainland, highland, and riverside giving you three amazing options to choose from for your trip accordingly. You can explore the surrounding area through hiking and backpacking, allowing you to camp as you go, making it a great campsite for singletons.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Just because it is called Badlands, don’t go underestimating the beauty of Badlands National Park. Even though the weather change would be a bit extreme for some of you, it had to be on our list given how the mainland is just super gorgeous. The natural rock formations make for a calendar backdrop with the beautifully swirling prairies. It makes an interesting place for people who have a keen archeological eye because you can take a peek at ancient fossils around the rocky formations. The wider expanse is divided into two campsites for convenience:

  1. Cedar Pass – it is full of amenities like running water and electricity, among others.
  2. Sage Creek – a more traditional campgroundwith a bonus of spotting wild bison.

Our Final Thoughts

So whether it is a family camping trip or a solo recreational trip to explore highlands and go hiking, these are our top six picks for camping spots around the country. Hopefully, you will not require any new ideas for a while until you have visited all the places we have mentioned. Because from taking care of basic amenities to safety, regulation, and amazing weather, these places have all that you need to make your camping trip a memorable one. So back up your bags and get going. Happy Camping!

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