How to Charge Your Phone While Camping

So, you want to take your phone on your upcoming camping trip for all the right reasons, and we support your decision. After all, we all take one for emergency reasons – what if we lost our way or need to dial 911? The phone is just indispensable to our lives now. But it is also true that a lot of times, we just end up using it to take Instagram-worthy pictures, make snap stories, and digitally document our camping trip.

Whatever be the case, charging your phone on the campsite can be a struggle, especially if you do not have the right instrument for the job. Therefore, we are sharing some extremely useful ways of charging your phone while camping.

What You May Need

Keeping your phone charged is important for personal safety while camping; here is a list of some camping equipment that can make charging your devices effortless.

  1. BioLite Camping Stove
  2. A power bank.
  3. 2-in-1 Phone charging lantern.
  4. Speakerphone charger.
  5. Hand-crank phone charger.
  6. Solar Phone Chargers.
  7. Campsite Portable Generator

7 Methods to Charge Your Phone While Camping

Method 1: Using a BioLite Camping Stove

This is one of those camping gear that performs double duty on your camping trip. Not only can you use the BioLite camping stove to make food, heat water, and do other stove-related tasks, but it will also charge your phone or any other device that can be charged via a USB port! Isn’t that fantastic?

The stove uses organic material like dry leaves, wood chippings, and other similar stuff as fuel. Which means it is both sustainable and eco-friendly. So, do not forget to pack a stove for charging your phone while camping.

Method 2: Simple – Take a power bank.

You probably already own one of these to keep your phone charged on the go. You can consider investing in a power bank of higher capacity if you plan to stay a little longer on your camping trip. Before you buy a new one, ask yourself, ‘how many devices do I need to charge?’, ‘how long will my camping trip be?’, and ‘how often will I be using my phone?’

Method 3: Listening to music while charging with a speakerphone charger.

If you are the type of camper who wants to create a whole vibe with some countryside music as your friends roast marshmallows over the campfire – then this is your item! While the sound of crickets and the crackling fire are music enough to a camper’s ears – cranking up a camping anthem is equally delightful.

To charge phone while camping, you can buy a portable charging speaker. The one we recommended above is not only waterproof but also comes with a 7000mAh built-in power bank! Perfect for camping and other outdoor activities.

Method 4: Using a lantern to charge phone while camping.

Talking of double-duty camping gear – this one is a shining star (quite literally). If you want to create a magical view on your campsite or simply need some light after it gets dark, these portable lanterns will brighten up your surroundings and also charge your phone via USB. However, since these are battery-run themselves, you will need to consider the same questions as those when buying a power bank.

Method 5: Resorting to a hand-crank charger.

This could be your Plan B. a hand-crank charger is old school and kind of cool to work with. You move the dial around to charge your phone with hand – mechanical energy. The one we recommended above charges in three ways – USB, Micro, and by hand. It also comes with a radio, and a built-in LED light!

This is a great lightweight, portable option to consider especially because it is doing more than one job for you – hitting two birds with a stone is never a bad idea!

Method 6: Utilizing the sun to charge through a solar phone charger.

It is a match made in heaven – you are outdoors, possibly soaking in some of that bright, warm sun and your phone is getting all charged up right beside you. A solar phone charger makes charging your phone while camping an easy-breezy task.

The only major concern with solar charging is obviously the weather. If you are camping on a day when it’s particularly cloudy, a solar charger will not be of much use. So, it is wise to carry a backup around.

Method 7: Investing in a portable campsite generator.

Finally, if you are going all out on a huge family camping trip, chances are you are already more equipped than a lone overnight camper. To keep things comfortable and convenient, you can pool in to buy a portable campsite generator. Yes, they exist!

This one will take care of all your charging needs (not just phones) for a much longer period of time than most devices shared above. Some run-on gasoline, others run on solar power – evaluate your own camping needs to determine which one will work best for you.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though you are going on a camping trip to connect with nature and take a break from your busy urban lives, carrying your phone with you is important for your safety, if not entertainment. Many useful camping apps, navigation guides, and the ability to make a call in an emergency – you got all in that small device in your pocket. Therefore, having it charged at all times is crucial.

Thankfully, charging your phone while camping is now easy due to several useful gadgets that have been developed for campers and hikers. We hope these seven effective ways of how to charge phone while camping helps you out when planning your next camping trip.

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