What is Stealth Camping?

As you may have already guessed, stealth camping is done without getting noticed. It may be done in urban areas as well as natural environments.

Stealth camping may be illegal at times. Do not violate any rules. Always check all rules and regulations of the place where you want to camp. Make appropriate preparations so that you can comply with all rules.

What is Stealth Camping?

The purpose of stealth camping is not to get noticed. To improve your chances of not getting found out, it is best to arrive late in the day and leave early in the morning. Under the cover of darkness, you are less likely to be found. Also, ensure that you dont leave any trace. This is something that you should for all camping trips by the way either stealth or otherwise.

What Is Stealth Camping

Camping enthusiasts may go on stealth camping trips to find secluded spots that may be located near special attractions. When done right, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in a good spot that is free of people, vehicles and noise. You can even go stealth camping to visit destinations like amusement parks and beaches.

Why Go Stealth Camping?

You might be wondering what motivated people to go stealth camping? Why is it so enticing?

Stealth camping lets you visit some of the best destinations in both urban and natural settings.

Stealth camping is important especially for those who live in vans. Such persons are not always appreciated in towns, cities, communities and settlements. They may be seen as outsiders and thus treated with suspicion. Stealth camping is the route that van dwellers can take to enjoy their lifestyle without anyone getting in the way.

Via stealth camping, you can find fascinating spots that have better security and privacy. This is very helpful if you want to travel and see the sights for cheap without checking into expensive hotels.

Certain tips and tricks for stealth camping will come in handy so that you are not found and turned away unceremoniously.

Drive the Right RV

If you drive an RV that looks very much like one then your chances of success with stealth camping are greatly diminished. You will be recognized instantly if you drive in a fancy big RV.

The number one trick to stealth camping is to drive a vehicle that can blend in with other conventional automobiles.

This means that Class A and Class C RVs are out of the question as are towables since they will give you away very quickly.

Going for a smaller RV means that you will be sacrificing comfort. However, in addition to brightening your prospects of stealth camping discretely, it can also help you to save on investment, fuel and other costs.

B+ or B RVs are the optimal choice. There is enough sleeping area together with space for a cooktop (ASIN:B00FGPXVSM), fridge (ASIN: B082XRDMHG) and restroom. With windows closed, your vehicle will look like a delivery van.

Keep your vehicle plain and neat. Dont use bright paints, decals and signs that could attract attention. This way, it will blend easily into the surroundings.

Your vehicle should be in clean condition. Dirty vehicles attract attention which is not what you want when out on a stealth camping trip. People could mistake it for an abandoned vehicle.

You can go out stealth camping in city parks, parking lots, 24 hour fitness clubs, shopping centers and big city streets.

Act Low Key

You dont want to make noise or indulge in antics that could get you into trouble. Make sure that the TV (ASIN: B07H91QPDN) is on low volume, dont shout to your companions and dont make noise with equipment.

That being said, dont look like you are trying to hide. Just appear nonchalant and casual. If someone drives or walks by you while looking, dont react or start looking at them. Just act like you belong there and are going about your own daily routine. To onlookers, it should look like business as usual.

Don’t Over Relax

Dont be comfortable to the point that you set out the table outside your vehicle along with nice chairs to sit on. It should not appear that you are on a picnic.

Keep Rotating

Dont stay in one spot for too long. You want to move on after a few hours so that people dont start asking questions about what your business is around here.

When you are stealth camping in the big city, make a list of all good locations that make nice stealth camping grounds like parking lots, parks, shopping centers and public places. You should rotate from one place to the next to keep a low profile.

In case you are found to be stealth camping, then dont come back to that spot. Drive away without further ado.

Power Management

Having enough power on a stealth camping expedition in the city can be challenging if not impossible. While stealth camping in urban areas, you cant charge power sources.

So you should make sure that enough power is available for the duration of your stealth camping trip. You will have to conserve energy because there is no way for you to recharge.

If you are on an overnight stealth camping mission, then coach batteries can supply enough power for basic needs. The trouble is that they cannot power your air conditioner at night. You will have to open the windows and switch on a fan. Just make sure that you dont talk too loudly.

Also be watchful and careful whenever you are in a new area. Your own safety should be a top priority. If a place does not feel right then move on. Public areas with people and well-lit areas may be safer.

Our Final Thoughts

When done right, stealth camping can help you tour cities and other natural areas cheaply. Especially in cities, you wont have to pay a fortune to stop over at an exorbitantly expensive hotel. Plus, the lure of stealth camping is an experience to relish.

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