What is Glamping?

While most of us crave to strip down to the bare minimum when it comes to taking a break from our hectic lives, others prefer luxury at all times. Most people will agree that camping is the perfect getaway from everyday life.

However, others will not. Their first camping trip soon becomes their last for many people due to the sudden storms, creepy insects, questionable food, and wild animals. An increasingly popular movement, ‘glamping,’ combines the glamorous lifestyle that people crave with traditional camping, has become the go-to way to experience the outdoors.

Here’s a detailed insight into what is glamping camping?

What You’ll Still Need

Since Glamping is a luxury camping experience and everything is already available to you, there is no need to carry many items along. However, this list of essentials is one that you might need. This list can vary depending on your needs.


Water bottle

First aid kit

Bug Spray


What is Glamping?

Short for glamorous camping, Glamping provides its devotees the best of both worlds. Combining the luxuries of your home with the breathtaking views of nature, it is an ideal escape for those who prefer an actual toilet, a fully functioning kitchen, and electricity, etc.

Here are a few examples of how you can create unforgettable memories through Glamping:

  • Camping Cabins: One of the most popular forms of Glamping, these provide vacationers with a comfortable roof over their head, fully covered, with a soft bed to sleep in. Forget about the days when you had to carry a tent or an air mattress.
  • Deluxe Cabins: These go beyond the camping cabins as they provide campers with a private bathroom, kitchenette, V, grill, fire pits, and much more. Luxury living amongst nature at its best!
  • Tree Houses: Modern tree houses are an exciting way to spend your holidays. Surrounded by greenery, rocks, and flowers, these luxury treehouses provide the most stunning views. You can’t beat this experience.
  • Safari Tents: Safari tents are a dream! Perched in exotic locations and offering a comfortable existence to adventurers from home, many safari tents offer full furniture, electricity, a kitchen, and storage. If you’re looking for the perfect relaxing adventure, opt for a safari tent.
  • Yurts: These are circular domed tent-like structures but much more rigid and fully enclosed. It can range from basic plywood structures to fully furnished units depending on what you choose.

Significant Differences: Glamping And Camping

While camping is the best way to get a firsthand experience of the magical outdoors, Glamping is an approach to getting closer to nature but not at the cost of sacrificing your luxuries.

We have put together six significant differences between the two to give you a better idea of what you should choose the next time you hit the road!

Initial Adjustments

The planning and excess packing that comes along with traditional camping is not everyone’s cup of tea. While camping involves packing everything from your food to your tent, Glamping means arriving to find your accommodation ready and waiting, usually a cabin with electricity and a running kitchen and water.

Resting Area

Campers don’t pay much attention to spending the night since most are lovers of sleeping under the stars. However, for people who are used to their cozy bed, mattress, and linen bedding, Glamping is a dream come true.

Toilet Facilities

It may not seem like a problem for adventurers because they’re used to compromising on the bathrooms. A common toilet and shower area to share with the neighbors or the trees is the way to go camping. However, glamping facilities come with proper bathrooms that offer warm water. It allows campers to wash off the fatigue of the day and sleep in peace.

Cooking Food

Camping requires you to build your fire to cook food, which is exciting and memorable if you’re with your team or family. On the other hand, Glamping offers you the luxury of a kitchen and all the extras that come with it, making it easier for you to cook your favorite food.

Heating Services

When it comes down to the heating system in traditional camping, it is primarily the layers you choose to carry along with you. Jumpers, jackets, sweaters, and quilts are your best friends while camping. Meanwhile, Glamping involves a heating system in the accommodation, so you don’t have to carry that many layers.

More Time to Explore

Campers usually took a day to settle in, get their tent set up, the fire started, etc. It took up time and gave campers less time to explore. Glamping gives you the added advantage of a full set-up camp, and all you have to do is explore and have fun!

Give Glamping a Try!

Now that you’re clear on what is glamping camping, you will agree with us that the luxury and ease that Glamping provides cannot be compared to traditional camping. If you’re a lover of comfort and adventure, Glamping should be on your list of top things to do this year. Regardless of the season, Glamping is a fun way to escape the challenging life and enjoy the magical outdoors.

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