What Foods Can You Bring Camping?

Camping can be a great experience, one that everyone should have. It allows you to explore nature at its best and hone your survival skills. For example, using the bathroom in unconventional ways or sleeping on the ground. A camping trip can make you physically and mentally stronger.

However, since modern cooking techniques aren’t part of a usual camping trip regime, you would need to bring food to stay energized so you can keep your energy levels high. This post will take you through what foods you can bring camping so you don’t go back to your tents with an empty stomach.

What You’ll Need

Disposable Plates

Food Containers

Cooling Bags


What Foods Can You Bring Camping?

1. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits may be small in size but are actually very filling. Many consider them snacks; however, a good dose of dry fruits can easily make one full. Dry fruits are highly rich in vitamins and proteins and have numerous health benefits for the human body and mind. For example, eating almonds tends to sharpen one’s memory, so they say. In addition, dry fruits help in preventing many diseases like diabetes, and also reduces cholesterol. Feeling a little faint after setting up your tents? Just nibble on some dry fruits to get your energy back.

What Foods Can You Bring Camping

2. Protein Bars

Protein bars, as the name suggests, are enriched with good nutrition as they’re full of protein. Protein bars are usually a good substitute for an unhealthy meal when you’re feeling a little peckish. The best part about carrying protein bars is that they’re small in size and highly portable. You can literally just carry them in your pocket. You won’t be needing extensive containers to pack them, nor be worried about any kind of spillage. Protein bars make sure to fill you up while also providing you with a boost of energy.

3. Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love sandwiches! The best part about sandwiches is that they can be made anyway, with any ingredients. If you’re a lover of ham – ham sandwiches are for you. If you prefer your food to have eggs in them – make a batch of egg sandwiches. If you’re completely a vegetarian, you also have the option to make a vegetarian club sandwich with healthy veggies. The point is you can never go wrong with a sandwich. Not only are they easy and quick to make, but they’re also quite a healthy fix, especially if you’re out in the woods.

4. Instant Cup Noodles

If you’re looking for foods that can be made in under five minutes, noodles will surely make it to the list. Noodles are easy to make and also quite tasty. From little children to adults, they’re enjoyed by all. Often consumed at breakfast hours as well, cup noodles are especially useful for those who are on the go a lot. And since a camping trip literally requires you to be outdoors, cup noodles are your best bet. After opening the seal, just fill the cup with hot boiling water and leave it for two to five minutes (depending on how cooked you want them to be). Your noodles will cook in the hot water and make for a rather delicious meal.

5. Coffee and Tea Sachets

All that setting up tents and making a campsite ought to get you tired. In moments like these, you should have sachets of tea and coffee that can calm your nerves down. If you’re camping in a colder region, hot drinks are especially a must to consume so your body can feel a little warm. Make sure to either bring disposable cups or steel thermoses which you can fill up with your coffee or tea. The small sachets make it very easy for people to carry such necessities with them whenever they’re traveling. Coffee and tea sachets make the perfect items to take on to camping trip.

6. Hot Dogs

If you ask anybody what the most convenient food to make is, chances are they’d answer by saying hot dogs. Hot dogs have been a classic snack food for a long time now. All these hot dog stands and trucks on the street don’t make a fortune out of anything. To make a hot dog, all you need is a sausage bun and a sausage. You can add additional sauces in the, (according to your preference). They make for the perfect food to take on a camping trip as they’re easy to pack and also quite healthy after you’ve come back from a hike.

7. Nuggets and Fries

Chicken nuggets make for the perfect combo if you ask us. If you go to any diner or café, the one thing that’ll for sure be present on their menu would be chicken nuggets. They’ve been the most known and significant form of chicken foods for a long time now. Chicken nuggets also make for great food for kids, since kids can be picky with food, nuggets, however, have always been a hit amongst them. Pack them up in boxes with fries, and you have a delicious meal to devour at your camping trip.

Our Final Thoughts

Camping trips can be really fun, especially if you have good food to have during. The nature of camping trips is such that makes one physically very active, and that naturally would get them hungry. If they don’t consume foods that give them the required nutrition, they’d lack the energy to participate in other physical activities.

This is why it’s necessary to pack foods that keep your bellies full during your entire camping trip. You can cook food on your trip as well, but it’ll take you a little time to settle down and get familiar with the area. Until you do, you should already have foods packed with you that can satisfy your hunger so you won’t be left hungry. The above-mentioned foods make for really good options to have on a camping trip as they require little cooking time and are ought to fill you up like nothing else.

Happy Camping!

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