How to Stay Cool While Camping

When the cold winds subside, snow melts away and, the sun shines bright, many adventurous souls pack their bags and head into the woods for camping. While for some people this is the best time of the year to be outdoors, for others, especially those living in the Southern parts of the country, it can get too hot in the summer. However, this shouldn’t keep you away or ruin your camping experience. All you need is a little knowledge about how to stay cool while camping and a little preparation to make your summer camping experience enjoyable and memorable (in a good way). So, let’s get started and talk about the best ways to stay cool while camping.

What You May Need

Before we talk about the real deal, i.e., how to stay cool while camping, take a look at the things you may need:

  • Tent
  • Sunshade
  • Portable Camping Fan
  • Cooling Towel
  • Water Container

8 Great Tips to Stay Cool During Summer Camping

Following are the eight best tips to stay cool while camping:

1. Choose the Right Tent

A few tent features can make your nights a lot more comfortable in hot weather. Choose a tent with mesh walls or look for a doubled-door tent with vents in the walls and a mesh canopy. These features will help improve airflow inside the tent and allow ventilation, keeping the insides of the tent cooler.

How to Stay Cool While Camping

While you can choose any tent with sufficient ventilation features, you’ll be better off with a tent with lots of mesh. It will not only ensure airflow but will also keep bugs away.

2. If it’s Dry, Ditch the Rainfly

The rainfly on camping tents isn’t only meant to keep rainwater away; it also locks in the heat inside the tent. While this is an incredibly useful feature when the temperature drops due to rain, it can make things uncomfortable during the hot weather.

When you’re trying to stay cool while camping, taking that rainfly off can make a huge difference. Check the weather forecast for the night and remove the rainfly from your tent if there’s no rain coming your way.

3. A Reflective Sunshade Can Be Your Best Friend

When going camping, you may be determined to wake up early, watch the sunrise, and then go explore the surroundings every day. But, if you’re a regular camper or going camping for a longer period of time, things may not be as planned every single day. There may be days when you want to sleep in for a little longer or stay in your tent. A reflective sunshade will be of great use on those days.

A reflective sunshade goes above your tent and, as the name suggests, reflects sunlight, leaving your tent much cooler. For maximum effects, tie the sunshade at least 12 inches above the tent.

You can also use the sunshade to create an outdoor seating area.

4. Dress Wisely

You would be drawn to wearing shorts and tank tops in the hot weather. But, they are not the best clothing choices while camping. At the same time, you’re looking to staying cool while camping, you should not forget about the bugs. Exposed arms and legs are also at a higher risk of getting scratched or scraped from nearby bushes. Your best choice will be clothes that fully cover you up, but are made of light, breathable fabric. Also, choose lighter colors and loose-fitting clothes.

5. Bring a Portable Camping Fan

You may be looking to enjoy the summer breeze in the woods, but weather conditions aren’t always ideal. Therefore, it’s only wise to go prepared. A camping fan can come in handy when the weather gets too hot and humid, and there is no wind.

Camping fans are light, portable, quiet, and battery operated and can easily be attached to the gear loops in the tent’s roof.

6. Take a Shower or Dip Before Sleeping

If you’re camping in a place where there is a shower facility or a water body nearby, take a shower or dip before going to sleep to cool down your body. You will not only fall asleep more easily, but will also get better quality and more comfortable sleep.

7. Use a Wet Towel

The wet towel trick works great for staying cool while camping when it gets too hot outside. Simply soak a towel in cold water, wring it out to remove excess water, and then place it on the back of your neck during the day.

While you can use any towel for this purpose, a cooling towel offers the best results (it takes longer to dry out).

8. Stay Hydrated

It goes without saying that you should be drinking plenty of water (and other cold beverages) when out camping. It’s your best defense against overheating your body and preventing heatstroke. So, drink up!

Our Final Thoughts

Camping has long been a favorite outdoor activity for adventurous souls, and it only seems to be getting more popular. Do not let the summer heat take away your joy of camping. Use our tips on how to stay cool while camping to make your next outdoor adventure in the wilderness a successful and enjoyable one.

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