Best Water Jugs for Camping

One of the worst things that can happen on a camping trip is if you run out of water and there’s no water source nearby. As you’re venturing deep into the woods and mountainsides, a lack of drinking water can spell disaster.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

When going on an adventurous outdoor camping trip, it’s very important to take enough emergency water jugs and containers with you. The main reason for this is that not all campsites are created equal. What this means is that while some camping sites have all the essential facilities and services for campers, others may not.

Imagine reaching your campsite and finding out that it doesn’t have any source of clean drinking water. If that isn’t enough to ruin an exciting and enjoyable camping trip, we don’t know what is.

So, to prevent any such problem from occurring on your next camping excursion, you must carry several water jugs and water storage containers with you so that you have enough water to last you throughout the whole trip.

Best Water Jug for Camping

The 4 Best Water Jugs for Camping

To help you get the best water jug for camping, we have listed down a few options that are easy on the pocket and will come in very handy on your next camping trip.

1. Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

This has been touted as one of the best water jugs for camping for many reasons. At a very reasonable price, the Reliance Aqua-Tainer offers a capacity of 7 gallons, which is ideal for water storage when you’re going to be in a place where there might not be clean water to drink.

This water jug features a space-saving design that allows it to be stored and stacked easily when it’s empty. So, even if you’re going on a car camping trip, you can stow it away in the trunk of your car with great ease and convenience.

This water jug is designed to be incredibly rigid and sturdy, which means that it’s highly durable and will last you for a good, long while. It has an ergonomically contoured handle that makes it very easy to hold the jug and carry it around your campsite. Additionally, it also has a hideaway spout that allows you to use the water in the jug without needing to carry it or tip it over.

The best part of this water jug is its size. It allows campers to store a lot of water, which they can later use for drinking, washing dishes, and whatever else they may need clean water for.


  • Great value for money
  • Can be easily stored in the car when empty
  • Holds up to 7 gallons of water
  • Features a new and improved screw-on vent


  • Tends to leak with rough usage
  • Not stackable when full

2. Coleman Jug with Water Carrier

With a 5-gallon capacity and a tough polyethylene construction, the Coleman Jug has proven to be a remarkable outdoor water jug for camping and many other similar adventures. It has quite a sleek and attractive design with impressive quality that comes at a fairly reasonable price.

The sturdy construction of this water container makes it highly resistant to leaks, pressure, scratches, and high impacts. It has been designed with a fast-flowing spigot that helps deliver water instantly without the need to tip it over to get the water out. It also comes with a built-in molded handle and handgrip that allows campers to easily carry the water container from one place to the other.

Some of the best features of this water jug include a screw-tight lid that stops the water from leaking out of the jug, a drip-resistant faucet, and a leak-resistant overall construction that makes it ideal for camping and other outdoor expeditions.


  • Easy to carry without any hassle
  • Effectively prevents leakage and tipping
  • Has a sturdy and durable construction
  • Good value for money


  • The spigot is of poor quality
  • Tends to leak if left in a dispensing position

3. Coghlan’s Collapsible Water Container

As the name suggests, the Coghlan’s Collapsible Water Container comes with an impressive collapsible function that makes it super easy to store in your camping car or truck. This makes it highly portable, easy to use, and convenient on campsites.

What makes it one of the absolute must-have water jugs for camping is its high-grade, BPA-free polyethylene construction that makes it super durable and sturdy. It’s also highly resistant to cracks and dents, which suggests that this water container is probably going to last for several camping trips.

A great feature of this water jug is that it comes with two handles, one on each side, which also makes it easy for campers to carry it with them. Furthermore, the container features a combined spout and cap, with a single hole that acts as both the water tap and the water-filling source.


  • Easily collapsible
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Highly durable and portable
  • Comes with two handles that offer maximum convenience
  • Has a sturdy, leak-proof construction


  • Tends to give off a strong plastic odor
  • Comes with a hanging string that can break easily

4. Gowithwind Collapsible Water Container

This is yet another collapsible water container for camping that is incredibly lightweight and ideal for those who frequently go on camping trips. A great feature of this product is that it’s available in three different sizes so you can choose the one that best meets your camping needs.

The Gowithwind Collapsible Water Container features an integrated handle which is quite sturdy and makes it easy to carry the container. Another great feature is that it has a fold-down function that allows campers to fold this water jug flat down and store it away neatly, without the jug taking up any extra space.


  • It’s super lightweight
  • Available in three different sizes
  • It’s made of BPA-free material
  • Has a very simple tap and fill feature


  • Has a slow water release pace
  • Tends to collapse as the water empties

What to Look for When Buying a Water Jug for Camping?

Before you head out to buy a water jug for your next camping trip, there are a few factors that you must focus on in order to get the best product.

The best water jug for camping is the one that offers maximum comfort, convenience, and ease of use. It has to be incredibly sturdy and should not leak because a leaking water container will be of no use to you.

Take a look at some of the most essential features that you should bear in mind, which will help you decide on the best container for your water needs when you go out on your camping trips.

Size and Capacity

When going on a camping trip, you should carry a water jug or container that has the capacity to hold enough water to last you for a few days. However, it also depends on your camping duration and your personal carrying capacity.


From steel to plastic, water jugs for camping can be found in a variety of different materials. Each material has its own pros and cons, for instance, steel is definitely sturdier than plastic, but the latter weighs less and is easier to carry. The key is to look for a container with thick walls that are resistant to high impacts and varying temperatures.

Leak Points and Spigots

A spigot is also referred to as a faucet or tap, and it greatly helps prevent leakages. The location of the spigot on the container is very important. For example, a spigot on the side is great for pouring water. Along with this, you must also look for water containers with a proper rubber gasket seal because these seals are more efficient at thwarting leakages as compared to the standard plastic caps.

Our Final Thoughts

We simply cannot emphasize enough the need for the best water jug for camping. There is actually nothing worse than having to live on very little or no water at all, and that too, on an outdoor camping trip!

Therefore, you must do your research before buying a water container for your next trip. Make sure that it offers all the essential features and uses; otherwise, your camping trip will be greatly spoiled, and you certainly don’t want that to happen!

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