Best Camping Chairs for a Heavy Person

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For some outdoor enthusiasts camping means an opportunity to explore the wilderness, catch the trout, and feel the rush of pure air caress their face. For others, it simply means lighting a campfire, opening a beer and sitting on a chair while the young kids go off and explore the wilderness. If you are more the latter type, you will need a comfortable camping chair to sit on.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

There are a variety of camping chairs available in the market. But, not all of them are suitable for a heavy person. So if you are a heavy lad, you should look for a heavy-duty camping chair.

The 4 Best Camping Chairs for a Heavy Person

To help you find a decent model, we have compiled a list of best camping chairs for heavy person.

1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

As the name suggests, the King Kong Chair is designed for heavy people. It features an ultra-strong powder coated steel frame that can handle a maximum of 800 pounds. The 600D polyester fabric is used in the construction of the chair which will cradle large guys comfortably. This is high-quality camping furniture, not just some cheap piece of junk that’ll creak or buckle under pressure.

Once you have settled into the chair, you will notice that there are pockets on each side to hold your magazine, smartphone, shades, sunscreen, or anything else. Cup holders are also located on each side so that you can easily hold your coffee cup. The King Kong Chair folds up very easily and you can pack it into its carrying sack.

Pros of the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

  • Comes with pockets and cup holders
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • In-built arm rest

Cons of the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

  • Quite heavy

2. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

The Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair is constructed with powder coated steel and is capable of holding a maximum weight of 325 pounds without breaking. The seat is made with polyethylene foam and comes with padding for maximum comfort. This camping chair also has a cup holder that you can use to hold your coffee cup. Moreover, a can-cooler is there on the side pocket that can hold up to 4 cans at a time.

The Quad Chair is portable and easy to carry when folded in the case and can be easily stored in the trunk of a car. The armrests are built into the chair and their height is adjustable. Overall, the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair is a pretty good option for anyone looking for a heavy-duty camping chair.

Pros of the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

  • Maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Padded chair
  • Cup holder and 4-can cooler

Cons of the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

  • Not the most durable offering

3. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

The Coleman Big-N-Tall is an inexpensive camping chair, designed to support up to 600 pounds. The steel frame of the chair is exceptionally strong, ensuring durability and longevity. On the bottom, you’ll find oversized plastic feet for maximum stability – these work best on even terrains. The fabric areas of the chair are constructed with polyester, with a small amount of padding in the back to improve comfort.

Since the Coleman Big-N-Tall is designed for heavy people, it offers a 2 ft. of seating space. There is a small hole in the middle of the chair to drain water in case you leave the chair outside in the rain. The built-in armrests are adjustable so you can adjust them to suit your needs. An insulated cup holder can be found on the side to keep your beer at an ideal temperature. A CellPort phone sleeve, made with PVC waterproof material is also there for your convenience.

Pros of the Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

  • Can support up to 600 pounds
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Water-resistant sleeve
  • Insulated cup holder

Cons of the Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

  • Not too stable on uneven terrains

4. KingCamp Camping Chair

If you are looking for a heavy-duty camping chair with plenty of storage areas, consider the KingCamp Camping Chair. You will find storage areas at different areas of this chair. There is one at the top of the back. This one is very large and zipped, so you can use it to store a sweater or a small pillow. An insulated cooler bag is there on the left arm that can be used for holding some cans. On the right arm, you will find a cup holder.

On the left side of the chair, there is yet another storage pouch. This one’s mesh, which means that you can easily see everything stored inside. Two pockets are also there in this pouch that you can use to hold your phone, book, magazine, tablet, and other accessories. The frame of the chair is constructed with steel tubes for maximum durability. The arms, seat, and the back are generously padded for comfort. The maximum weight capacity of the KingCamp Camping Chair is 350 pounds, which makes it a good option for heavy people.

Pros of the KingCamp Camping Chair

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Plenty of storage areas
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds

Cons of the KingCamp Camping Chair

  • Hard to put back in the carrying bag

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Chair for a Heavy Person

· Weight Capacity

This is the most important thing to consider when you are shopping for a camping chair for a heavy person. The weight capacity describes the maximum amount of weight that a camping chair can hold. Most of the chairs we have included in the list have a weight capacity of at least 300 lbs. If you are a heavy person, you should look for a chair whose weight capacity is at least 300 pounds.

· Extra Features

A few extra features can make a camping chair great. One of them is a cup holder. A cup holder comes in different sizes and is generally built into the chair’s arm. You can use it keep your drink or coffee near your hand. An insulated can holder also comes in handy as it keeps your beer and other drinks cold. Some camping chairs feature storage pockets that you can use to hold your phone, tablet, wallet or keys, among other things.

· Materials

When you are shopping for a camping chair, pay special attention to the materials used in the construction of the frame and upholstery. The upholstery material should be strong and durable to withstand your weight. The frame should also be constructed with a high-quality material so that it doesn’t buckle under your weight. Steel is a great choice for the frame as it is very strong and can hold a heavy weight.

Our Final Thoughts

We have listed some of the best camping chairs for heavy person. Now pick a product from our list and enjoy camping without the fear of falling while you are sitting and enjoying a beer or coffee. For questions related to products listed here, feel free to contact us.

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