Best TV Antennas for Camping

A recreational vehicle (RV) is the perfect vehicle for setting up a camp in the wilderness. It allows you to explore distant and unknown places and caters to your craving for adventure. However, you don’t necessarily have to cut yourself from the rest of the world when you are camping in the great outdoors.

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Many campers install televisions and TV adapters in their RVs to be aware of the latest news and watch their favorite shows. Furthermore, it can also keep you informed about the weather conditions of the place and help you prepare for camping more appropriately.

With that said, there are plenty of TV antennas available for people who want to watch television in the wilderness. Campers should bear in mind that only some of the most powerful TV antennas have the strength to catch signals that can stream the best channels. Therefore, it’s important to consider several features before you finalize which device is the best TV antenna for camping.

The 3 Best TV Antennas for Camping

There are various forms of antenna available in the market, namely indoor, outdoor, and foldable antennae. In this article, we will discuss the best TV antennas for camping and help you figure out which one you should choose, depending on your needs.

1. KING OA8500 HDTV Antenna

The KING OA8500 HDTV Antenna is a more advanced version of the toned-down KING OA8300 antenna. The company is known for providing campers with durable devices that can facilitate people who travel across RVs. Likewise, the OA8500 HDTV Antenna is a multi-featured device that campers can use for watching television.

Similar to most antennae in the King Jack line, this powerful antenna uses the latest technology to provide users with one of the best directional over-the-air antenna available. As a result, users can gain better signals and additional channels to watch without charge.

The antenna has a sleek design and the unit sits on top of your RV mast and gives it the aesthetic upgrade it needs. It has an aerodynamic design that easily cuts through the air and minimizes air resistance during travel. Furthermore, the device has various high-tech features and you can access all of them using an easy-to-use installation manual.

Users should remember to mount the antenna before installation. This will help you to face the coax connection at the rear of the RV, and you will be able to retract the mast in the same direction as the antenna.

Although the antenna is 70% smaller than most antennae, it has the ability to capture signals from long distance. Due to its powerful signal capturing technology, it can catch more channels than most other antennae of the same class.

The signal capturing will not diminish even after you lower the antenna to 12 inches. Furthermore, the package also contains an exclusive Signal Finder. You can use this additional ability to locate local TV channels. The antenna also has an interior knob, which can rotate as much as 360 degrees so your coverage can spread in all directions.

In short, the KING OA8500 HDTV Antenna has the durability and effectiveness that make it better than its counterparts. It helps you watch channels you crave without paying any fee. The warranty of the device extends to 4 years, and it can cater to your RV needs all year round.


  • Long-range signal acquisition
  • Built-in KING SureLock signal finder
  • Upgraded technology for enhancing UHF signal reception while also catching signals of the VHF broadcast channels
  • Broader reception coverage
  • Quickly locates the strongest signal and maximizes reception
  • Simple, fast antenna
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Compact
  • Aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance
  • Easy-to-follow installation manual


  • The package does not contain a roof mounting plate
  • Limited warranty

2. 1byone Amplified Omni-Directional Waterproof RV Antenna

The 1byone Amplified Omni-directional is a specialized TV antenna that offers various functional features. The antenna is famous for being waterproof and can hold its own against the corroding elements of nature.

Besides the antenna’s sleek design, it is also extremely easy to install. Users won’t need to consult an expert to install the unit on top of their RVs, and they can easily do it on their own. They just need to unpack the device, plug it in a power source, and start scanning for channels.

The 1byone Amplified Antenna’s compact size makes it easy to lift and set up, which is a welcome change from traditional antennae. Furthermore, the device sets itself apart as it is pointed upwards and facilitated with a circular shape. As a result, it can leverage any direction to catch signals needed to render channels.

Lastly, you won’t need help from remote control to search for nearby signals. Since the device is Omni-directional, you no longer have to chase signals. Instead, the antenna will do the job of capturing signals, regardless of where they are .


    • Free television
    • Has a modern and sleek design
    • Has omnidirectional reception
    • Has a wide coverage of channels
    • Comes with a sturdy mount
    • Catches weak VHF, UHF, and FM signals
    • Installation doesn’t need any tools
  • Super compact design
  • Completely weatherproof and can withstand UV rays, water, and snow
  • Has minimum interference
  • Excellent performance for both digital and HDTV signal reception
  • Performs well even during bad weather
  • Built-in amplifier supported by SMD technology and micro-electronics


  • The device needs a 12-volt power supply
  • Quality of display can vary, based on location

3. Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV DTV/HD TV Antenna

Alongside King, Winegard is considered to be one of the best RV antenna makers in the market.

This Winegard RV TV antenna has an insane amount of range that not antenna devices can manage. The specialized antenna can capture signals that are as much as 55 miles away from the device’s location. Its incredible range is a testament to its strength as a portable TV antenna, and by installing it on your RV, you can enjoy television in crisp HD display while camping.

The reason behind the antenna’s unbelievable range is the company’s Sensar II antenna that is supported by the UHF enhanced antenna. As a result, it can receive both VHF and UHF signals, which users can leverage to get the best over-the-air TV viewing.

Furthermore, the installation of this device is fairly easy and you can utilize clear directions from the manual to install the antenna on your RV. Depending on the use, you can lower, raise, or rotate the antenna with the help of an internal hand crank inside the unit.

Although the exterior design of the unit is not as attractive as some other models, the unit does an excellent job of providing users with good quality channels.


  • Enhanced antenna excels at capturing digital TV signals
  • Can catch all kinds of VHF and UHF signals present at the 55-mile radius
  • Can capture most SD and HD channels being broadcasted over the air locally, such as NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, and other sub-channels
  • The device is powder-coated for extra protection
  • Can be installed easily and quickly
  • Easy to lower, raise, and rotate the antenna while being inside the RV


  • Material is made from plastic, thus, isn’t much durable
  • Has a short mount

Our Final Thoughts

During your camping trip, a portable TV antenna can cut your boredom and help you stay informed while you are en-route to the camping site. If you want the best TV antenna for camping, you can choose from these options to stay in touch with civilization in the middle of nowhere.

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