Best Tents for Camping in Rain

So, you’re out camping and the weather suddenly does a back-flip! The sky turns a dramatic grey, and the downpour starts, but you simply toss a snack in your mouth, smile to yourself, and relax to enjoy the view with a steamy cup of instant coffee. Sounds dreamy, right?

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However, unexpected rain can easily turn a dreamy camping expedition into a nightmare if you’re not prepared for it. The rain doesn’t always have to play an antagonist in your cozy camping trip. Seasoned campers love camping in rain. Why? Because they invest in a high-quality camping tent that can handle rain without breaking a sweat. As per the camping trends, the advanced wet gear has motivated a lot of campers to be adventurous and plan camping trips during rainy weather.

What to Consider When Buying a Tent for Camping in the Rain

A waterproof camping tent should top your list of camping essentials for camping in rain. While you can find a wide range of wet gear in stores, it’s important to consider a few things before buying the best tents for camping in rain.

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Of course, you don’t want a tent that would turn into a leaking mess as soon as the showers start. There’s more to waterproofing than simple a water-resistant layer on your tent. Most 2-season family camping tents can resist a rainfall of 0.1 inches per hour. But, the windows and vents should be hooded to offer proper ventilation and a view of the rain. The tent should be free from any poorly-sealed seams as they are the real culprits in making your tent drip.

You’ll likely be facing a drizzle in winters more often than in summers. This means you’ll need a tent which keeps you nice, toasty, and safe from the cold outside. Also, a covered doorway or an additional tarp will keep you from getting all that water into the tent when you enter. The best tents for camping in rain resist both wicking and seeping. The water-repellent finish on the exterior can make the tiny droplets of rain just roll off.

The 3 Best Tents for Camping in Rain

With all these considerations in mind, we have done a little research for our readers and picked 3 of the best tents for camping in rain. Have a look:

1. Coleman Sundome 4 Tent

This product comes from the trusted house of Coleman as part of their famous Sundome series of camping tents. Coleman Sundome 4 is everything you need in an ideal camping tent and more! This 9’x7′ tent would act as a spacious and comfortable abode for a group of 4 campers.

It is designed with a coated polyester hooded fly and a large rear hooded window. With the Coleman Sundome 4, campers can enjoy smooth airflow and cross ventilation even during rain. And that’s not all. Coleman Sundome takes ventilation up a notch with the mesh vents inserted on the roof. You don’t have to worry about any leaks as the seams are factory-sealed even in the most intricate corners. The ‘D-style’ entry-way is wide enough to allow you to hop in and out of the tent easily.

Coleman Sundome 4 offers a highly durable 1000D Polyethylene bathtub floor. This feature is particularly useful to protect against a leaky floor caused by extreme weather conditions. The walls are covered with a 450mm-thick polyester fabric for heavy-duty rain shielding.

Additionally, the Sundome is equipped with an Electrical Access Port, a ground vent, and an interior mesh storage slot. Setting and wrapping up this camping tent is a cakewalk since it is free-standing. The flashlight loop on the ceilings and external guy points ensure that the rainstorm outside doesn’t bother you in any way.


  • Water-resistant Polyester fabric coating – Maximum dryness
  • Durable 1000D Polyethylene bathtub-style floor – No leaky floor
  • Fully weld-sealed seams and corners – No leaks
  • Easy to set-up


  • Too breathable for cold, windy weathers

2. Bessport Camping Tent for 2-persons

The Bessport Camping tent is an ideal investment if you are planning a camping trip with one of your friends or going as a couple as this tent easily sleeps two campers. It is lightweight, which allows you to carry it with you when going backpacking, camping, hiking, or mountaineering. It is comfortable and roomy with two D-shaped doors. It is a free-standing tent with amazing ventilation. A single person can set it up within minutes and can move it around without disassembling it.

However, the real reason this product is on our list is its seam-taped construction, making it rain-resistant. It is designed with a welded-floor. Since this keeps the bottom elevated, you don’t have to worry about wet grounds. Its windproof and waterproof with full rain coverage – thanks to the durable 68D 190T polyester rainfly with velcro vents and the high-performance guyline.

You can buy the footprint for the Bessport camping Tent separately, which will further protect the bottom of the tent from dampness and mud. All-in-all, this tent is a great buy!


  • Lightweight and easy to set-up
  • Reasonably waterproof
  • Affordable, and offers great value for money
  • Plenty of room for two campers
  • Comfortably warm in cold weather


  • Condensation issue
  • Plastic zippers get strained and stuck in the flap

3. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

Night Cat Waterproof camping tent is ideal for those campers who aren’t fond of setting up a camping tent. This amazing product offers an automatic set-up mechanism based on hydraulic pressure. The set-up is so simple that even a 5-year-old can set it up.

Once the tent is put-up, it will be your waterproof sanctuary at an outdoor location. It is designed with 210D waterproof oxford fabric PU 3000, waterproof PE tarp at the bottom, and waterproof tape securing every seam. The poles are made up of sturdy fiberglass and ensure that the tent stands tall during rain and hard wind.

The double-layered design makes it multi-purpose. The rainfly can be detached and used as a stand-alone pavilion during a picnic on the beach or fishing trips. It has two doors, one on each side, and mesh windows for proper airflow. The roomy interiors can accommodate a queen-size mattress and provide room for a family of 3.


  • Very easy and quick to put up and takedown
  • Removable rainfly can be used as a shelter on its own
  • Well-sealed seams


  • Can’t fit a full-size air mattress
  • No media pockets
  • Not preferred for heavy storms

Our Final Thoughts

While many products are worthy contenders for a place in the list of best tents for camping in rain, remember that spending a fortune on a camping tent is certainly not a good idea, especially when you can find similar features in more budget-friendly products. Invest in a nice waterproof tent and enjoy camping in all seasons. We hope that with some help from our guide, you can make an informed purchase decision, one that meets your needs. Happy camping!

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