Best Shoes for Camping

The only way to enjoy your camping trip is by making sure that you have all the right gear ready with you for when you’re out there. Most people often get their camping gear all wrong by going for the wrong pair of shoes.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Since you will be outdoors for the entirety of your camping trip, your shoes will play an important role in determining just how much fun you have. Having the best camping shoes on hand, or rather on foot, can help you run around with ease and be your usual adventurous self.

Most buyers aren’t aware of just how they should shop for the best camping shoes in the market. The usual method they go for is to buy either hiking or running shoes for the trip. This method is flawed and can actually make your feet feel dry and tired during the camping trip.

Even when it comes to camping specific shoes, there are a number of options that you can go through. Each of these options brings their own benefits to the mix, which is why you might find choosing the best one within them a tad bit difficult. What you need to do here is determine just what you want from these shoes and which pair you should go for.

Best Shoes for Camping

The 5 Best Shoes for Camping

In a bid to assist you with this process, we mention the best shoes for camping in this article. Your camping trip is a once in a lifetime experience, which is why you should look to get the most out of it.

1. Crocs Classic Clog

The Crocs Classic Clog is a decent bit of footwear to wear when you are going out on a camping trip. If you want something comfortable and durable on your feet, than these crocs classic clog are the way forward for you. These shoes will give you the kind of comfort you need when going through tramps and wading through water. Their bulkiness might put you off, but let us tell you that they are quite lightweight when you wear them in the long run. These are available in the pertinent sizes for kids and toddlers as well, so you can get them these too.


  • Easy and comfortable on the feet
  • Good to wear while walking and running across water
  • Durable


  • Can appear a bit heavy when you first wear them.

2. Tretorn Wings Lag Vinter Rain Shoe

These Tretorn Wings Lag Vinter Rain Shoes are perfect for your camping trip. These ankle boots are not just reliable on rough surfaces, but also happen to look quite stylish and aesthetic at first look. They can elevate your style in a matter of minutes by giving you the style statement you would want during your camping trip. The solid qualities will surely make you fall in love.


  • Stylish design
  • Good for regular wear
  • Exceptional on the inside


  • Can take some space in your backpack

3. Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure Eva Water Sports Shoe

Breathability and design are the two important aspects when it comes to these Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure Eva Water Sports Shoes. These shoes carry an amazing design to them and have patches of mesh that can enhance the breathability of your feet. There is natural and anatomic room for you to freely move your feet around inside. Campers can wear them as much as they want and run through water without worrying about anything.


  • Good for walking on water
  • Have a good design
  • Extremely breathable for most users
  • Light weight design



4. The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe

If you’re after something that fits on your feet and is more solid, then these The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoes is the pair to go for. These shoes will keep dirt and debris out of your shoes and will make sure that there is no extra weight on them. The solid design makes sure that the shoes are snuggly around the ankles and give you a good fit. The shoes are waterproof and will feel comfortable on your feet. Additionally, they can easily be worn on and taken off whenever the need be.


  • Good for extended wearing
  • Feels light on the feet
  • Good for running
  • Water proof


  • Can be heavy inside your bag.

5. Sockwa G4 Barefoot Shoes

These Sockwa G4 Barefoot Shoes are for people who prefer the barefoot experience. These shoes help you feel light and give you the kind of squishable feel you want under the feet. The super durable design for these shoes is what makes them super durable. The sole is inconceivably thin, but does a good job at protecting your feet.


  • Perfect for extended wearing
  • Feel light on your feet.
  • Thin sole


  • Can tire you out when going through rocky surfaces

What to Consider When Buying Shoes for Camping

There are numerous features you should consider before you choose the best pair of shoes for camping. The shoes should match all of these features, so that you know you’ve gotten something that will help you feel cozy and comfortable during your trip.

The features you should have a special eye on, include:


Once you wear your camping shoes, you would surely have to do some walking around in them. You cannot just wear your camping shoes and sit on the corner of your camp. What if the water source is a couple of miles down the hill and everyone wants to have a visit? Since, so much walking and hiking would be required of you, it is best that you get a good pair of shoes. The shoes should have a good fit and should sit well on your feet.


No camping trip is safe from excursions involving encounters with water. It could either be your small sister spilling a jug on your shoes or your friends running through a river crossing, but your shoes definitely have to be waterproof. By waterproof we mean that the shoes shouldn’t lose their shape or their color after they come in contact with the water. Shoes that aren’t really waterproof can let water inside of your feet and can lose their shape as well.


Since you would be wearing your camping shoes across the entirety of the camping trip, it is necessary for them to be lightweight. The shoes should be extremely easy for you to wear and even easier for you to pack inside your bags. Carrying your stuff with you can become a hassle if you have heavy shoes inside. Thus, go for lightweight shoes to experience ease and comfort when you’re wearing the shoes and even when you’re not.

Easy to Wear

Ideally, the camping shoes you get should be easy to wear and slip-on. You should easily be able to slip your feet inside these shoes without any hassle as such. Camping trips require you to get into your walking gear almost immediately, which is why you should have shoes that are easy to wear.

Our Final Thoughts

Having gone through the article above you should now be able to determine the right camping gear for yourself. It is necessary that you only buy shoes that have the features we have mentioned above. You can make your camping trip a memorable one by having the right gear on you. Pack smart and enjoy your trip to the full.

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