Best Gloves for Camping

Many camping enthusiasts prefer going camping anytime during summer and spring, mainly because the weather in these two seasons is fairly pleasant. Also, you aren’t likely to wake up in the morning with your teeth chattering and your body shivering due to the intense cold.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t camp during the winter season. If anything, winter hiking and trekking is absolutely beautiful as the landscapes are often covered with a blanket of snow along with a chilly breeze all around you that makes your morning coffee even more enjoyable.

But, when camping during the winter season, you must be well-prepared in terms of having all the necessary winter clothing and equipment. Among numerous clothing items like jackets and sweaters, most campers often overlook the importance of packing good-quality gloves. This leads to cold and stiff fingers and hands throughout the entire trip.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Camping without gloves in the cold weather or wearing the wrong kind of gloves is nothing but painful. So, the next time you excitedly head out for a camping trip with all your buddies, make sure to pack the highest quality gloves with you to prevent your hands from getting sore and stiff.

Best Gloves for Camping

The 4 Best Gloves for Camping

Take a look at our top picks for the best gloves for camping to keep your hands warm and cozy.

1. Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

As the name suggests, the Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves have been specially designed for all your outdoor adventures. The main reason why this product is one of our top picks is that it is made with excellent quality breathable fabric that provides your hands with enough warmth throughout the day.

A unique feature of these gloves is their touch-screen recognition technology that allows you to use your phone, take selfies, and capture photos of the stunning views around you without having to fumble with your phone.  They come with a quick-drying and highly absorbent comfort lining that prevents your palms from getting sweaty or feeling too hot.

Additionally, these gloves feature an anti-slip zipper design that offers an excellent fitting that you can easily adjust per your comfort levels.


  • Offers great comfort overall
  • Comes with a handy clip that holds the gloves together
  • Does a great job at blocking the wind
  • They have a great grip that doesn’t stick to the hands


  • Seams on the inside tend to be uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for extremely cold weather

2. Black Diamond Soloist Cold Weather Gloves

These are the go-to winter gloves for many campers, mainly because of their dry, waterproof insert that provides maximum protection in wet winter conditions. They also feature a liner that is insulated with prim-aloft, which keeps the hands incredibly warm and cozy during extreme weather conditions.

The Black Diamond Soloist Cold Weather Gloves have a waterproof shell, which means you never have to worry about getting your hands wet during your hiking or trekking excursions. Even if the gloves do get wet, their top-quality liner dries up very quickly and offers optimal insulation.

These gloves are super lightweight, have a 4-way stretch, and are highly resistant to abrasion, all of which make them must-have gloves for camping purposes.


  • Provides maximum comfort and warmth
  • They come with a removable liner
  • Consist of a waterproof shell
  • Inserts are very easy to remove and put back


  • Water tends to seep through the lining sometimes

3. The North Face TKA Gloves

Made with polyester microfleece, the North Face TKA Gloves are extremely durable and great-quality gloves for camping. The micro-fleece material offers great warmth while camping, even amid super chilly weather conditions.

One of the unique features of these gloves for camping is their ‘Radiometric Articulation,’ which refers to the fact that the natural curve or shape of these gloves perfectly matches that of your hands, which greatly helps keep your hands in a super comfortable and relaxed position at all times.

These gloves also feature a chin zip guard, which prevents the gloves from slipping from your hands and keeps them fitted at all times. Another great thing that you’ll love about these gloves is that they have an elastic binding on the hem, hood, as well as the cuffs. This makes them anti-slip, gives them the right amount of coverage, and offers maximum warmth during strong and cold winds.


  • Keeps hands perfectly warm
  • Seams on the fingers aren’t overly bulky
  • The inner material is incredibly soft
  • Highly breathable
  • Have a great fit


  • Not suitable for extremely cold weather conditions
  • The tips are extended way too much

4. Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

These are highly breathable and waterproof gloves that feature excellent quality Gore-Tex inserts. These inserts are made of a material that is extremely waterproof and allows an adequate amount of air to pass through them, thereby preventing your hands from getting sweaty or sticky.

The Outdoor Research Alti Gloves are 4” high and 8” wide, and this size offers a perfect fit to most campers. These camping gloves are made of 90% nylon and 10% Spandex, both of which provide high levels of warmth and comfort during cold weather conditions.

Additionally, the gloves feature PrimaLoft One insulated, which is non-bulky and offers high insulation. They also come with removable wrist cords that prevent the gloves from slipping. You can even adjust them according to your liking.


  • Highly waterproof and breathable
  • The liner is removable
  • The wrist straps are easily adjustable


  • The sizes of the liner and the glove are mismatched
  • Tends to feel bulky on small hands
  • The inner shell is very tight for big hands

How to Buy the Best Gloves for Camping?

Wearing the right kind of gloves on a camping trip makes all the difference to your warmth and comfort levels. Choose the wrong kind or camp without gloves, and you’ll find yourself having a miserable time with sore, stiff, and frigid fingers.

Therefore, it’s essential that you invest in the best quality gloves for all your future winter camping trips.

Here are a few key features that you must bear in mind when buying gloves for camping.


From polyester to nylon, there are numerous types of materials that you’ll come across when buying camping gloves, each with unique features, uses, and benefits. Not just this, but the durability of the gloves also depends on what material they’re made from. You must carefully inspect the gloves by wearing them at least once to check the material.

Inner Layers

Most camping gloves come with two or more layers to provide maximum warmth in cold weather conditions. They also have internal removable liners that allow the gloves to fit your hands perfectly. This is an important feature that you must consider during the buying process.


This is a vital factor for camping gloves, especially due to the fact that most winter gloves are typically very bulky and thick, which is likely to make your palms feel really sweaty and hot. However, most gloves nowadays come with a breathable material, which allows the movement of air to and from the gloves, preventing the buildup of sweat and excess moisture on your hands.

Our Final thoughts

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of good-quality gloves for a winter camping trip. You should pack gloves even when you’re camping during summers because the nights tend to get chilly, and gloves are an ideal way to keep your hands warm.

The best gloves for camping are those that offer maximum warmth, protection, and comfort, especially during tough weather conditions.

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