Best Wool Blankets for Camping

Imagine camping out in the woods or an incredibly hilly area with your best friends, some fun activities, and a whole lot of delicious camping snacks. Doesn’t that sound like a fun and relaxing time?

There is nothing more enthralling than being outdoors, completely surrounded by nature, being mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature. During the day, you can set out on a hiking trip – perhaps even have a camping scavenger hunt. And as the sun sets and the sky and the stars reveal themselves to you, you can light a fire, toast some marshmallows and even release sky lanterns in the dark or sing campfire songs.

As amazing as doing all of that under the starry night sky sounds, you must know that nighttime out in the wilderness can get quite cold as compared to the pleasantness of the day time. It can get downright chilly, and sleeping amidst the cold winds can become quite tough for some people.

If you want to be able to enjoy the stunning nights during your camping trip and also have a good night’s sleep, you’re going to need a good quality wool blanket. While there are numerous blanket materials available out there, wool is a material that will keep you snug and cozy all night long.

Best Wool Blankets for Camping

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The 4 Best Wool Blankets for Camping

In case you don’t own a woolen blanket, here are some wool blankets that we think are the best wool blankets for camping.

1. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Heavy and warm, the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is excellent for camping trips primarily because it will provide you with great warmth and comfort throughout the night. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sleeping or simply hanging by the campfire and sipping a cup of steaming coffee; this blanket has you covered (literally).

What makes it such a great wool blanket for camping the heaviness and warmth that we talked about earlier. Weighing almost 4.8 lbs, it’s amazingly cozy and thick. It’s made of 80 percent wool, and the remaining 20 percent comprises of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. This combination of materials makes the blanket highly durable, soft, and washable.

Another great feature of this blanket is that it is huge, so it can easily keep you and a friend cozy when you’re out camping in the cold.


  • Does a great job of protecting you from the cold
  • Is extremely soft and comfortin
  • It’s large in size and ideal for camping
  • The blanket is loom-woven with hems on all sides, which makes it very pretty


  • Tends to smell after extensive use
  • Might begin to shed after some time

2. Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Considering the fact that Pendleton Woolen Mills is one of America’s top textile manufacturing companies, there is no surprise as to why this blanket is one of the best wool blankets for camping.

The Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket is crafted with 86 percent wool and 14 percent cotton. This combination makes it one of the softest blankets for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. It is woven with pure virgin wool, which significantly helps keep campers cozy and warm in all kinds of weather conditions.

The blanket is extremely thick, soft, and warm due to the cotton used in its manufacturing – the cotton creates heat-trapping pockets within the blanket. This is one of the main reasons why this blanket is so popular among most campers.

Another great feature of this wool blanket for camping is that despite keeping your super warm at night, it doesn’t make you feel hot either. It manages to create the perfect, balanced temperature, where you feel neither too hot nor too cold.


  • Great value for money
  • Does an excellent job at creating enough warmth
  • Made with the highest quality wool and cotton
  • Highly durable and easily washable


  • Some people might find it too heavy
  • Doesn’t drape over the shoulders as well as it should

3. Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket

If you’re going on a camping trip with friends or family – basically, a big group, then the Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket is your best option. It is large enough to cover and protect numerous people together, and it also comes in twin, Queen, and King sizes.

This blanket is ultra-thick, which means that it will keep you well-protected and warm against the cold winds of the night. It is often referred to as the most comfortable and luxury wool blanket for camping, mainly because of the materials used to make it. It has a high percentage of heavy and thick wool that prevents the cold and locks the heat within the blanket.

It is an excellent quality heavyweight blanket with a smooth and soft texture that will never let you feel itchy when you are camping outdoors under the dark sky.


  • Very big – enough to cover multiple people
  • Made of excellent quality materials
  • Offers excellent warmth, comfort, and protection
  • It is incredibly soft and thick


  • It tends to shed
  • The threads can easily pull

4. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Camp Blanket

This is a unique wool blanket for camping because it is woven with 80 percent premium virgin Merino wool. This wool makes the blanket highly durable, long-lasting, warm, and soft. It weighs almost 4 lbs and measures up to 66” x 90”. It is not just great for camping, but also for hiking, hunting, fishing, and backpacking.

While some of you might find this blanket to be a tad expensive as compared to other woolen camping blankets, its exceptional quality makes it totally worth the price. This blanket comes with quite a distinctive, superior, and premium touch that mainly results from the use of Merino wool, which is one of the most top-quality wool materials available out there.

The edges of this blanket have an acrylic material on them along with the regular weave. This ensures that it won’t get wrinkled and mushy.

The Woolly Mammoth Woolen Camp Blanket has a unique milled finish coupled with fabric consolidation and an inter-fiber felting. This provides it with a premium finish, making it one of the best wool blankets for camping.

How to Buy the Best Wool Blanket for Camping?

Having the right type of camp blanket when you are outdoors and sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere can be a lifesaving decision.

While there are numerous amazing camping blankets out there, you ought to get the one that best meets your preferences. To help you with that, here are some essential features that you must consider when buying a quality wool blanket for your next camping trip.

Weight of the Blanket

Camping trips usually involve long hiking and trekking sessions that require you to move from one place to another at a stretch. You certainly don’t want to carry heavy items or carry more than you really have to. This is why the weight of the blanket plays a vital role here. You must look for a blanket that’s not too heavy but is also super soft and warm.

Size of the Blanket

Just like weight, the size of the wool blanket for camping is another key feature that you must bear in mind. Most campers often overlook the size of the blanket when they decide to buy one. Your camping trip can become really uncomfortable if your blanket is either too big or is so small that you have your feet poking out all night.

Warmth and Comfort

Is your camping blanket warm and comfortable enough? This is probably one of the most important features to consider when buying a blanket for your camping trip. There is no point in buying a blanket that doesn’t protect you from the cold and doesn’t keep you warm enough in the chilly weather.

Our Final Thoughts

A nice, warm, and good quality wool blanket can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your camping trip pleasant and comfortable. This is the main reason why you should invest in the best wool blankets for camping in order to have the most amazing trip outdoors!

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