Where to Buy Camping Tents

The camping season is in full swing. Not to mention the summers are ending in a month or two, and soon fall will take over. As children are getting ready for back-to-school adventures, now is the best time to plan one last weekend camping getaway before schools reopen.

However, it isn’t necessary that you are all ready and equipped with camping essentials to get going right away. You might need a bit of planning and purchasing to do. Hence, one of the major things you require for a quick camping trip is a camping tent.

Therefore, we have done the homework for you and listed below some of the best places to find an ideal camping tent. From great quality stuff to less-expensive, worth-it buys, these sources have got it all. Have a look!

1. Amazon

Amazon has quickly become the one-stop solution for many problems that may arise from time to time. It is the answer to all those problematic dilemmas of camping or planning a trip outside. Hence, whether you are looking for high-quality camping tents or a make-shift one that would do for just this trip, Amazon is where it’s at. Catering to a huge price range and meeting public demand for different types of camping tents, there is no other place that can pull it off as smoothly as Amazon. Moreover, if you are a regular Amazon user (who isn’t?), then you might get the premium feature of quick buys and same-day deliveries accommodating to your trip.

2. Walmart

Walmart is that neighbor in every neighborhood that has everything one can ever need. So it is safe to say that a camping tent requirement can be quickly fixed with a purchase at Walmart. Moreover, Walmart has its camping and hiking gear called Ozark Trail. With its low price affordability yet great quality for a fraction of the cost of some big brands, it is giving them a run for their money. Furthermore, even if it isn’t just camping tents you are looking for, Walmart categorizes its products, so looking for other things is also extremely easy.

3. Target

Is any trip ever complete without a quick Target run? Target is affordable, quick, and easy to make purchases from, and never a disappointment. Meaning if you are looking for a specific type of camping tent, chances are that Target will have it. Therefore, instead of pushing Target somewhere below on this list, we have placed it second to only Walmart and Amazon. The reason is that Target lists down different brands like Coleman and Embark and also suggests coordinating accessories. Moreover, it mentions if the particular camping tent is up for same-day delivery or available in your nearest Target, making the shopping experience extremely easy and seamless.

4. eBay

eBay is mostly defunct at this point, given how well its counterparts are doing. However, if you are keen on looking for a specific type of camping tent, eBay is the place to look for. The idea is that bigger brands often acquire certain brands, and they tend to discontinue some of their major products. Therefore, for people who pre-own such products especially camping tents and gear, eBay becomes a marketplace with huge demands for this stuff. Apart from finding discontinued products, eBay also mentions products from a larger chunk of the area from where they can be delivered than just showing products available nearby.

5. REI

There is no denying that REI is like a wonderland for camping tents and camping gear. In fact, you can find all sorts of outdoor gear at REI, whether it is kayaking, hiking or trekking, etc. One can spend hours wandering the aisles at REI and imagine themselves in those NAT Geo scenarios of surviving the wild with their gear. Hence, it is safe to say that even if you are looking for camping tents, you might be returning back with a few extra purchases. That’s just how good the quality of the products is that one can’t help but convince themselves that they might need it.

6. Campsaver

An online camping gear retailer, Campsaver is a dedicated space for the best camping gear for the best prices. Whether you prefer high-end brands, superior quality products, or make-shift purchases, Campsaver has got you covered. Moreover, there is certainly no way you can miss out on seasonal deal purchases to save big. Hence, we recommend starting planning a camping trip a bit early on to find the best camping tents on Campsaver.

7. Outdoorplay

Outdoorplay started as a kayaking gear market. However, over the years, it has expanded to include all types of outdoor gear from camping to hiking and trekking, etc. today, it is one of the largest specialty outdoor gear retailers in the country. Therefore, for quick camping tent purchases, you can check out their sale section. You’ll be able to find an affordable yet high-quality camping tent for your next camping trip.

8. Family & Friends

Lastly, how can one deny that if you are in the mood for one last camping trip of the season and the weekend is just around the corner, who do you run to? Your friends and family. It doesn’t matter that you end up taking them along or finding a great camping tent in their garage to borrow after that. One thing is for sure that, we all have friends and family who love camping just as much and come prepared for every trip. So no wonder they would be more than happy to help you out.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, camping tents are an affordable purchase and can easily be found from any of the above-listed sources. So there is no need to give up on your idea of a quick camping trip before the schools reopen. What are you waiting for? Get packing!

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