Best Portable Ice Makers for Camping

When you go on a camping trip you want the best of all worlds. You want to experience the freshness of nature, but you also want to pop open a cold one with your buddies. While some campers might tell you that such a setting cannot be achieved, we beg to differ. If you have the right accessories and the right people with you, there is nothing that can stop you from getting the best of both worlds.

When you are camping in the wilderness, you will realize that you cannot go out and buy a packet of ice whenever you want some cold drinks. The best way to make sure that your drinks are cold is through the presence of a portable ice maker.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

For those who aren’t aware of it, a portable ice maker usually makes batches of ice in small quantities so that you can enjoy them in your camping trips, picnics and other gatherings. There are multiple ice makers in the market and all have their own capacities and sizes.

An ice maker allows you to make your own ice when you are on a camping trip. You don’t have to go out and buy a new pack of ice whenever you want and can pop open a cold one whenever the need be. When you’re on a camping trip you would want a portable ice maker that is adjustable in size and can easily be used as well. The good thing about most portable ice makers is that they can easily be placed within your luggage or RV, as they don’t consume a lot of space.

Best Portable Ice Makers for Camping

The 5 Best Portable Ice Makers for Camping

All you need to do is connect your machine to a power source, pour some water into it and you would soon have your ice ready. This is extremely convenient for most users as they can get the ice they crave whenever and wherever they want.

1. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S

The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S icemaker is the device to have with you before you head on to your camping excursion. The device has the perfect size for your RV and comes with just the right adjustments. The device can easily be placed inside your RV or the tent that you want to stay inside. The lightweight is also an added plus and makes it easier to carry. The icemaker can make over 26 pounds of ice and uses only 230 watts.


  • Capable of making 26 pounds of ice in a day
  • Automatic protection
  • Comes with different ice sizes
  • Portable


2. Dometic HZB-12A Compact Portable Ice Maker

There is no better way to kill the heat in camping then through the use of a Dometic HZB-12A Compact Portable Ice Maker. The machine makes it easier for you to make ice in camping trips, as it is extremely easy to carry. The good part about the machine is that a batch of ice can be produced within just 13 minutes. The design is minimalistic, with a good display on the top.


  • Makes a batch in just 13 minutes
  • Good design
  • LED Display
  • Can make 26 pounds of ice in a day


  • Water drainage is an issue

3. EdgeStar IP210RED Countertop Ice Maker

This EdgeStar IP210RED Countertop Ice Maker helps you make around 3 different types of ice cubes. The machine can work well with both bottled and tap water, which helps improve results when you are camping. Additionally, you can have almost 28 pounds of ice generated through this machine during a day. Just give the machine 10 minutes and you will have your ice ready for you.


  • Can lead to ice cubes of different sizes
  • Highly portable
  • Has an insulated storage system
  • Easy to use


  • Design can be improved.

4. NewAir AI-100BK

The convenience of the NewAir AI-100BK can make it your best machine for a wide variety of uses. This portable ice maker can easily store 2 pounds of ice in one go and can accommodate as much ice as you would want. The cubes come in three different sizes and you can choose whatever size you like. The machine is also fairly easy to transport, which makes it true to the portable tag that it comes with.


  • Takes just 6 to 10 minutes to get cubes ready
  • Makes 28 pounds of ice during a day
  • Easy to clean
  • Has light indicators


  • Takes time to work on

5. HomeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

This HomeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine is one of the best around and can really help you get the ice you need with the urgency you are looking for. The machine is portable and gives you ice within 8 minutes. The machine is portable and can go with you wherever you go. The ice production rate is at 26 pounds per day, and we don’t expect you to go short on ice with this machine on your side.


  • Makes ice in 8 minutes
  • Has quite cooling
  • Automatic shut off
  • Easy to drain



What to Consider When Buying a Portable Ice Machine for Camping

When you’re choosing the best ice maker from the lot, you would want to consider certain aspects or features. You shouldn’t proceed with the sale until you are sure that you have gone over the following features in detail.


The first thing you need to notice in a portable ice maker is the quality that it carries. The quality should be at par with the standard that you have set for yourself. Not every portable ice maker has the same quality, which is why you should go for something that has your desired quality in your desired range.

Quality of the device is usually dictated by the materials used for making the portable ice maker. These devices are either designed through the use of plastic or stainless steel. Ice makers made out of stainless steel are relatively more durable than the ones made out of plastic. Plastic models are relatively more affordable and weigh less, so they have certain pros going in their favor as well.


The size is critical for your purpose. Going on a camping trip will mean that you would want an icemaker that is both compact and effective. Hence, you would want the size to be a bit on the lower side of things.

The size of the machine is also directly related to the weight, which you should also consider. Both these factors will help you in determining just how portable your device really is. A portable ice maker with a bigger size will have a higher weight and will be difficult to carry around.


Every ice maker has a certain capacity of ice that it can generate in a given day. If you want a long term ice maker, you would want to know the production capacity that your device boasts of.

Processing Cycle

Finally, you would want to check the processing cycle that the device follows for generating ice. A good portable ice maker for camping would have a production cycle of 6 to 15 minutes, which is decent.

Our Final Thoughts

Finally, with the best products in front of you and the features that you should consider mentioned above, there is nothing that is stopping you from getting your hands on the best possible ice maker. Go through the market and make sure you make the best purchase.

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