Best Board Games for Camping

A camping trip is usually full of excitement and adventure. You have so much to do in a limited amount of time, which is why you can’t let yourself get bored. From roaming around the unique landscape around you, to enjoying fun outdoor activities, there is a lot you can do with your fellow campers.

However, regardless of just how many outdoor activities you have planned, there will come a time where you would just want to lie down and do something simple for a while. Since you won’t be connected to a Wi-Fi or internet streaming services, this is where you can potentially start to feel bored.

The best way to kill boredom while making sure that you get your rest is by playing some fun board games. The best part is, almost everyone in your camping party can be involved.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Imagine sitting around a bonfire, eating s’mores and playing a great board game – life doesn’t get better than this.

Best Board Games for Camping

So, it’s decided that board games will help you pass time when you’re bored. But, you might still be undecided when it comes to choosing the best board games for camping. You should look to get a game that falls in favor with everyone and can be exciting to play.

The 5 Best Board Games for Camping

Here we mention 5 of the best board games that you can expect to play during your camping trip:

1. Classic Trouble

We’ve all heard of Ludo as a board game and have even played it at one point or the other. Well, Classic Trouble simplifies the game style of Ludo and presents it in a fuss free manner.

The concept of this game is focused on ensuring that every player makes full rounds of the playing field. The pieces sit firmly on the board, which is why you can place it on any kind of surface during your camping trip. Everything from the rolling of the dice to the strategies involved, make this an amazing game to play during your camping trip.


  • Can be played by multiple people
  • Interactive
  • Fun to watch
  • Easy to learn how to play


  • Can be boring after a while

2. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is just one game that everyone loves to play and will never get old. The fun part about this game is just how fun it can be for people to watch. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the confident player being bit by a snake just when they have reached 98.

The game is played by 2, but enjoyed by many more, which is why it is a good addition to the mix for your camping trip.


  • Can be really exciting to watch for almost everyone who is present in the camping trip.
  • Can be played with a dice and a board.
  • Easy to carry.
  • No additional pieces


  • Can only be played by 2 people at one time.

3. Pictionary

There is nothing more interesting than a game of Pictionary. You can get almost everyone in your camping trip involved and can battle it out to make sure that your guesses are right. The game wouldn’t take much space inside your bags and is extremely easy to play as well. Anyone who hasn’t played the game before can easily learn about the procedures during the camping trip. Easy to play and even easier to master!


  • Can get everyone in your camping trip involved within the game.
  • Is extremely easy to play for those who haven’t played it before
  • Easy to carry


  • Can be hard to setup.

4. Scrabble

There is nothing better than forming some words, even if you are on a camping trip. Just gather 2 to 3 other people with you and start forming words in an interactive manner with Scrabble. The game is a good way to relax and polish your skills at the same time when you are at a camping trip. It is easy to play and even easier to carry for your camping trip.


  • Easy to carry and play
  • Can help with vocabulary
  • Interesting pattern


  • Not everyone would be interested

5. Hive

Hive is the game to have with you if you are heading into the wild for a camping trip. The game has all the flavors of wilderness in the form of a bug theme. The game consists of two players, but requires a lot of strategic thinking, which is why others can get involved as well. The most enjoyable part about this game is just how competitive it can get if the opponents match up.


  • Easy to play
  • Keeps up with your camping tradition
  • Follows a natural theme
  • Competitive


  • Not many have played before.

Board Game Features to Consider Specifically for Camping

Packing the right board game from the numerous options you have can be a daunting task. Obviously, you are limited when it comes to space, which is why you cannot pack every board game that you want to.

To make sure that you have the right games with you, you have to consider features that matter here. Here we mention some of the features you should consider when it comes to choosing the best board games for camping.

How Many People Can Play?

You wouldn’t be alone on a camping trip and will have some other friends and family as well, which is why you should preferably go for a game that can be played by as many people at one time.

When you’re playing a board game during your camping trip, you need to make sure that everyone is involved. Even if the game allows for 2 people to play at one time, it should be exciting and enthralling, so that everyone else can watch and enjoy as the audience. The key part here is to make sure that everyone gets to participate in some way. Longer games like chess might not make the cut, because they take longer times and aren’t the most exciting to watch for the audience.

Exciting to Play

The game you choose should be exciting to play, so that whoever plays it during the camping trip enjoys the experience that it brings. When on a camping trip, you want the resting time to be enjoyable as well, which is why an exciting board game is the need of the hour.

The definition of an exciting board game can vary from person to person, which is why it is pertinent to ask your fellow campers the board games they would want to play. This can give you sufficient insight into just what everyone wants to play.

Easy to Carry

While most board games are easy to carry, we want to reiterate this point because of the nature of your camping trip. Any game that is harder to carry or takes sufficient space can take up some important space. Hence, you need a game that is both easy to carry and does not take up much space inside your bags.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you’re better placed now to know what the best board games for camping are. More than the game itself it is necessary that everyone enjoys the playing experience. It is not every day that you go on a camping trip with friend or family, which is why you should look to make the most out of the experience.

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