Camping Breakfast Ideas

Camping is the perfect time to get in tune with nature and spend some time with your family. In a technology-dense world, camping is the best way for you to take some time off from everything. You must set up camp and look for bugs and wild animals. However, just as much as it’s about shelter, it’s also about food. If you’re taking some time off to go camping, your kids will likely want to eat yummy foods, and honestly, so will you.

However, preparing yummy foods can be quite a hassle when camping since you don’t have all the necessary equipment and ingredients. Camping also means skipping certain meals, i.e., you’re likely only to have breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is essential because it sets you up for the entire day. When camping, breakfast is the most critical meal because you will need that energy for the rest of the day when you’re hiking or engaging in your daily activities. It means that you must invest in breakfast.

However, not everyone has excellent camping breakfast ideas to execute. This article will list some of our favorites so you can replicate them on your next camping trip!

6 Camping Breakfast Ideas


If you enjoy savory breakfast items, you likely want to have a lot of protein here.

Camping Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Sandwich

For the breakfast sandwich, think about the Mcdonald’s breakfast items. You need meat, eggs, cheese, and some bread. If you made dinner last night and it involved meat, then you can add this as the protein to the sandwich. You don’t have to prepare a protein externally, as using leftovers will save you a lot of time. This sandwich is the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fats so you can fill yourself up for the whole day.

Skillet Frittata

A frittata isn’t exactly something that your kids are going to enjoy, but frittatas are colorful and highly nutritious. All you need for this recipe are some eggs, tomatoes, shallots, and basil. You can also top it with some cheese and eat it on the go. The best feature about the skillet frittata is that it doesn’t require a lot of preparation if you have a large camping party. You can chop vegetables in one go and whisk the eggs. To make the frittatas, you only need to add everything to the pan and let it cook.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are so much fun to eat. They are also easy to scarf down as you talk through and pack things for your hike. They are camping-friendly because you may eat them while walking. They’re also not messy and don’t require extra utensils to eat.

All you need for breakfast burritos are tortilla wraps. You can fill these tortilla wraps with pulled pork, hash browns, eggs, and cheese. All the flavors can play off well, and you’re likely to be filled up with two in your stomach. Burritos can also be an excellent vehicle for sauces, so make sure you pack some of these!

Hash Bowl

If you want to have food that’s a little more filling, then you can make a simple hash bowl. For this, you would need aluminum foil, potatoes, and sausage. Meat and potatoes are some of the most common combinations; your child will eat them up without hesitation.

You would have to cut your potatoes and sausage into smaller pieces for this recipe. After doing so, you can season them and add them to a foil bowl to cook. This hash bowl is a perfect choice if you want something that gives you a lot of energy and is salty to default.


Not everyone wants to have a savory breakfast. Many people love ingesting something sweet as soon as they wake up.

Skillet Pancake

All you need for this recipe is a pancake mix and the toppings of your choice. We recommend you get ready-made pancake batter because you don’t want to be lugging around flour, sugar, and eggs. However, ready-made pancake batter can be pretty sweet. So if anyone has any issues with that, they should likely refrain from eating those pancakes. For children, these pancakes are a treat. You can carry around small packets of maple syrup or one large bottle as per your convenience to add to your pancakes. You can make these pancakes easily in a skillet. All you have to do is add the batter to the skillet and then garnish it with the toppings you want. Many people carry protein powder with them so that these pancakes can be adjusted for adults.

Fruit Cup

If you enjoy eating fresher produce, you can carry peeled fruits. Make little boxes of peaches, apples, and grapes so you can feast on these to give yourself a cleaner morning. There may be problems with perishability, but if you keep them in a lemon water bath, this will not be an issue. Fruit cups are great for food on-the-go. You can walk around the campsite, eat the food and plan the rest of the day. They are also a well-deserved break from greasy and fatty campfire food.

Oatmeal and Dry Fruit

If you’re an adult, oatmeal is likely a big part of your life. Adults take oatmeal in savory forms and even sweeter forms. If you enjoy eating healthy, then oatmeal is a camping breakfast idea that you can pack with relative ease too. Dry fruits are a great addition to oatmeal as they are not perishable. You can add some stevia or maple syrup to make it sweeter and easier to ingest.

Final Thoughts

When camping, you want easy nutritional foods to keep you active. Camping requires a fair bit of exercise and physical activity, which is why you want foods that are filling. Great camping breakfast ideas mean you will have more energy to tackle your day. Thus, you’re less likely to undergo camping fatigue, a situation many go through when camping for a long time.

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