Best Camping Mattress for Couples

Camping is one of the most relaxing activities one can do after a long and tiring week. People should always take time to gift themselves with scenic views of nature. It is the best way to disconnect from the hazards of technology and revitalize relationships with family members, away from the world’s distractions.

Camping feels different when you use the best type of mattress for your nighttime experience while having a romantic partner beside you. Many spend hundreds of dollars on mattresses, only to find out they have been ridiculously scammed.

We have searched out some of the best reliable mattresses for your calm camping experience that are available on the official website of Amazon. Scroll down to know more.

The 5 Best Camping Mattresses for Couples

1. Sleep Lux Inflatable Air Mattress (B07WWZBGFV)

· Characteristics

The Sleep Lux store sells the inflatable air mattress, rated as Amazon’s choice for customers. It is available in Twin 15″, Queen 22″, and King 22″. The material of this mattress is made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which weighs around 18.56 pounds. It can hold a weight of 300 kilograms which is more than enough for camping couples. You will not regret buying this comfortable camping buddy!

The mattress consists of three durable layers which stay firm during the entire night, giving you a perfect nighttime experience in the middle of the woods. The mattress also contains a built-in USB port, the best available option for campers.

It also contains a storage bag for conveniently storing your mattress so that you can easily transport it during camping. The contents also include a repair patch for emergency purposes.

· Criticism

Some customers complained that it dissipated as soon as they opened the mattress, making it unreliable for outdoor experiences.

2. Coleman Quickbed Airbed (B01M1AJNZM)

· Characteristics

This twin-size air bed is available on Amazon from the Coleman store. The item weighs around 5 pounds which is quite feasible for outdoor camping experiences.

The mattress has an air-tight system that the factory has tested to avoid mishaps. It has been dual-sealed, so the valve doesn’t leak any air while the couples sleep on it. The mattress is covered with soft plush, creating a surface that feels like velvet while providing maximum comfort to the couples.

Customers have reviewed that they have never had a mattress with such good air filling, as it holds the air without any chance of leaking so that you can comfortably sleep throughout the night.

· Criticism

Some of the customers have criticized the product for not being reliable as it leaks the air after some time. It doesn’t provide the campers with ideal firmness while sleeping on it.

3. EnerPlex Air Mattress (B07S2468WY)

· Characteristics

This perfect inflatable mattress for your camping experience is available on Amazon in three styles which include 13 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches. The material is made from Polyvinyl Chloride and is water resistant, making it perfect for the outdoor camping experience. You can enjoy nature without worrying about what your kids might spill on the mattress.

It is a multi-purpose mattress that you can also use at home apart from traveling and camping. It inflates in under two minutes, making it a perfect emergency mattress while you are out in the woods.

It has been designed with puncture-resistant PVC material to provide non-slip stability to the campers while preventing any leaking. The durability factor makes it a perfect alternative for your cat’s nap in the woods.

You can inflate and deflate the mattress according to your liking, depending on how much you want to pump it. Customers have reviewed that it is the most comfortable mattress they have ever tried.

· Criticism

Customers have criticized this product for feeling cold air through the bed, which they fixed by adding a layer of gel foam topper.

4. Coleman Double High Air Mattress (B00HN8Y37I)

· Characteristics

This product has been rated as Amazon’s choice for customers because of its unique features. It comes in green color and two sizes: Twin and Queen. The item weighs around 14.77 pounds.

It provides the best support to your body while you are in the middle of the woods. The extra height of this mattress makes it easier to get out of bed. The extra stability is made possible through reinforced construction.

· Criticism

Customers have criticized the product for its valve as it has been placed in a less convenient spot. The customers had to spend their entire time refilling the air in the mattress as it kept leaking.

5. Intex Dura-Beam (B0869FL812)

· Characteristics

This pillow rest raised air mattress has been rated Amazon’s choice for customers. It is available in two designs, twin and queen, in navy color.

The twin airbed with fiber tech technology gives the campers a soft velvet touch, giving them a perfect camping experience. Since it is a bit high from the ground, that feature makes it convenient for people to get up for convenience and comfort.

It has a built-in pump that electrically inflates and deflates the mattress with a convenient setup. Customers love the mattress’s unique features as it provides comfort and convenience. The motor starts itself as soon as you turn on the knob.

This mattress is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy a calming experience under the light of stars in the middle of a relaxing forest environment.


Some customers were disappointed with this purchase as they had to inflate it repeatedly because the air kept leaking.

Our Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter where you are going camping; these mattresses are a must-have for the most comfortable, calming, and convenient experience. These mattresses provide a relaxing environment in the middle of the forest, where all the trees surround you.

People choose to go out for camping because they want to free themselves from the worries of this world, and they will not be able to find complete comfort without the presence of a perfect camping mattress.

We have listed out some of the best mattresses available on the official website of Amazon for you to get your hands on. Let us know if you found them as comfortable as the other couples.

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