6 Camping Games for Adults

There’s something incredibly primal about camping, but often, it can be boring to sit around a fire with nothing to do. However, just because you’re away from technology doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Children are imaginative and can find something to do even with a dull tree stump and a pair of sticks. However, camping when you’re an adult is a different ball game altogether. Once you have decided that you want to give your screens a rest, you should take the time to engage each other so that the camping trip is fun! For many, camping is a great time to catch up and spend quality time with friends. However, things can get boring fast if you don’t have a game plan.

Thus, we have made a list of camping games for adults that can help you pass the time the next time you’re camping with your friends.

Camping Games for Adults

1. 20 Questions

You may not think much of this age-old game. However, it’s one of the most fun things you can do on a camping trip. Divide your camping party into two teams and have each team guess the personality, place, or even object the other team has thought of. You can do this in teams or have one person think of a guess one by one to elongate the game.

6 Camping Games for Adults

If you want to localize things, you can always make guesses that fit into categories so that the game remains interesting for everyone. As the name suggests, the whole party can only ask 20 questions before they must make their guess. This game has been going on for ages and will remain this way because of how fun it is. It involves everyone and makes for the best memories.

2. Name that Song

No campfire is complete without someone strumming the guitar while looking all around. If you’re traveling with musical friends, you can play various games such as guess the songs.y. There are tons of variations of this game, and you can even bring your devices into it if you don’t have someone with the guitar.

The way to play this would be by asking the guitarist to play a song and having everyone guess it. To make it more competitive, you can divide your camping party into two and take turns telling songs to the guitarist, who would then play them. The party on the other side then has to guess what song it is. If you don’t have someone who’s musically inclined, you can connect someone’s phone to a bluetooth speaker and use that for the game instead.

3. Truth or Dare

Sure, this seems like a game that teenagers play. But camping is a time when you can let go of some of your adult inhibitions and proceed to have some fun. The game is a tale as old as time and involves people asking each other the question, “Truth or Dare?” Whoever is asked the question has to pick between the two. If the person opts for truth, they must reveal a truth about themselves, and if they choose dare, they must commit an act that is potentially scary or risky in front of everyone.

This is an excellent game if you want to reveal some older secrets or if you want to connect with your friends that you haven’t seen in a very long time. It may create a little bit of tension for the days to come, but that’s what camping trips are all about.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

There’s a reason that this is an option for your bumble profile as it’s a great game to learn more about the people around you. Two truths and a lie are exciting and can reveal much about the people at your camping party. Sometimes, we camp with people we’re not entirely aware of, so this game acts like a certified icebreaker. Shared experiences like this game can make memories for many years to come.

Playing this game is extremely easy. All you have to do is tell two truths and one lie about yourself. The people around you then have to guess which one is the lie. The trick to this game is that you want to invest in getting creative, as this will give you the best round of gaming.

5. Telephone

Going through this list, we realize that many of these are games you would play as a kid, which makes a lot of sense as it adds a layer of nostalgia to your camping trips. This game is lovely to play around the campfire as you’re already seated in a circle. The way that it is played is pretty simple.

One player starts it off by whispering a message into their neighbor’s ear. The neighbor then passes it on to their neighbor, and so on, until the last person in the circle gets the message and announces it loudly. It will leave you chuckling at how much the message has changed since the first person said it. This game also has a moral for kids; however, it’s great to be reminded of it as an adult.

6. Mafia

All you need for mafia is one whole deck of cards. You can easily play it anytime, anywhere, with a minimum group of seven people and a maximum group of twenty-four. Some people play this game constantly when they’re camping, and that’s because it is extremely fun. This game began in the USSR but was quickly adopted worldwide.

The players in the game are the innocents, the doctor, and the detective. The Mafia will try and kill off every innocent, and it is the detective’s job to identify the Mafia before all the innocents die. There are many ways to play this game, but in the simplest way, the mafia members will kill innocents by winking at them.

Final Thoughts

Camping games for adults are very similar to the games we used to play as children. A lot of this has to do with the fact that you can rejoice in your adulthood while still playing games from your childhood. Especially if the camping trip involves people from the past, it’s a great way to pay homage to the good times you’ve had. Playing games of this sort can bring up all kinds of memories and stories which will ensure that you have the time of your life!

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