Tips for Camping In Cold Weather

Winter is just around the corner for many regions, and what’s better than winter camping to enjoy the cold, freezing nature in all its glory? Winter camping is a great way to explore the outdoors during the year’s cold months. It allows you to enjoy all that nature has to offer covered under a white blanket.

The best part about winter camping is that it can be done in many different ways, and there are many different styles of winter campsites out there for you to choose from. For instance, you can go with a more rustic-style campsite and build your own fire pit, or take advantage of resorts that have already been set up for winter camping.

Either way, winter camping is an excellent way to get outside and enjoy the cold.

Top 10 Practical Tips for Camping In the Cold Weather

So if you have recently been planning to go on a camping trip with friends in the upcoming cold weather, you might be in for an adventure of a lifetime, and you must have some useful tips handy at your disposal. So without any further ado, let’s get started on the most practical tips for camping in the cold weather:

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1. Know the Temperature Range

First, it is crucial that you do your homework before embarking on any adventure, let alone camping in the cold weather. Winter camping means the temperature range would be far below anything considered optimal otherwise. So if you know how much cold is tolerable for you, then it is best to know the temperature range of the area where you will be camping.

2. Check out the Camping Area

It is recommended that people don’t go camping privately and astray towards probable dead zones. Instead, you can find popular camping sites or, better yet, work in collaboration with a resort that provides such camping expeditions. This way, you would know the area is safe, has active cell coverage and there are no leverages to your security.

3. Keep Count of Your Layers

Many people underestimate how the cold temperature travels up your body; before you know it, you are literally freezing (which, in some cases, is a serious health risk). Hence, keeping a count of your layers is crucial to saving yourself from the cold. So always be wary of having a base layer, an insulating middle layer, and a top layer that is preferably a waterproofing shield.

4. Dry & Warm Is the Key

If you think, “it is cold. Why would I sweat?” then you are certainly very wrong. Sweating regulates your body temperature, a natural phenomenon that can occur even in cold weather. Hence, this means that you want to stay dry to stay warm. So the best way to ensure you are dry and warm is to pack an extra base layer just to change into and sleep.

5. Seasonal Tents for the Win

There are many different types of tents, so it can be quite confusing to pick the best one. However, the best way to find a suitable tent for winter camping is to get a seasonal tent. If it says on the packaging that it is a three to a four-season tent, then chances are it is waterproof against rain, snow, and storm and meant to keep you warm.

6. Two Is Better Than One

Nighttime is when the adventure of winter camping becomes a bit scary. Not because it is dark and cold and you are in the middle of nowhere. But actually, because that’s when the temperature can drop to the lowest and the situation becomes severe. Hence, always double up your sleeping pads for insulation against the ground and layer your sleeping bag too.

7. Eat Those Calories

When your body is exposed to colder temperatures, without you realizing it can burn a lot of calories just to keep warm. Hence, in order to accommodate the process and stay put, it is better to keep chowing down those calories. The best is to carry convenient warm meals like soups and broths to stay full for long and warm from the inside while you supplement calories.

8. Attend Those Nature Calls

Believe it or not, your body likes to keep the urine in your bladder warm, and this takes up a lot of unnecessary energy from you. So although it might be a hassle to empty your bladder, you can’t miss out on nature’s call. So it is only best if you just go right away. The best way is to have a container handy in your tent to do it within your private vicinity.

9. Befriend the Hot Water Bottle

Yes, the age-old hot water bottle is your best friend when on a winter camping trip. You can place it conveniently at your pulse points to rapidly regulate your body temperature when cold. The best part is that you can just warm the water every time, fill it up and use it again and again. However, ensure that your hot water bottle is made of plastic material and covered with cloth.

10. Keep the Power Running

Last but not least, you can’t compromise on power. Whether you use individual batteries or your vehicle to recharge, your batteries should be up and running. In case alkaline batteries lose power because of the cold, make sure to use external warmth to jumpstart them. You certainly don’t want the power out on a winter camping trip.

Our Final Thoughts

Camping is supposed to be fun and adventurous in combination with some downtime to become one with nature. For obvious reasons, winter camping can be tumultuous, but that doesn’t mean that you skip the season entirely and regard it unsuitable for camping. With the right tips, strategies, and tools to help you out, you can enjoy winter camping at its best.


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