How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

Camping is indeed an adventurous activity, one that is ought to refresh your body and soul. However, while you’re out there in the woods, you’ll obviously be starved of the luxuries that you otherwise might get. Luxuries such as refrigerating the foods you’ve brought so they don’t go bad.

So, how to keep food cold while camping? Quite a hustle, isn’t it? However, if you’re a careful planner, you’ll be happy to know that there are now ways to fix that. Check out this space to come across nifty tricks that’ll help you keep your food cold while you’re out in the woods camping.

What You’ll Need

These are a few of the things you’ll need to keep your food cold on a camping trip.


Ice Packs

Cooling Bags

Food Containers

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping in 8 Steps

1. Make Sure to Take a High-Quality Cooler

Bringing along a cooler box ought to be your priority while setting up your camp. Nonetheless, everything reduces to your financial plan and preferences as coolers come in various costs and limits. Most top-of-the-line items will in general have the best traits like better protection and thicker walls, which viably forestalls the melting away of any food. Remember anyway that you’ll need to pay a smidgen more for these features. Furthermore, it’s wise to keep a thermometer inside the cooler as this will assist you with guaranteeing the temperature stays around the suggested 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

2. Two Coolers Should Do the Trick

This is likewise another significant point that most experienced campers will always remember. That to the side, it’s in every case best to bring along two coolers – one for food and beverages in the other. As you’ll ultimately discover, the advantages are very various. Aside from guaranteeing that your food stays in a superior condition, avoiding potential risk likewise ensures that every one of your beverages and foods is appropriately coordinated. It’s in every case best if you can rapidly recognize your beverage or food cooler.

3. Don’t Open Your Cooler Unnecessarily

For clear reasons, the cooler keeping your beverages is probably going to encounter heavier traffic because of customary opening and shutting. Along these lines, cold air is lost while simultaneously warm air gets in. The warm air getting in might wind up dissolving the ice, so be mindful so as not to open the cooler pointlessly. To put it plainly, having two coolers guarantees that the food cooler is utilized just when important, while you refill your glasses when you wish. It’s a mutually beneficial situation!

4. Freeze Your Food Before You Go Camping

Setting up your suppers/food ahead of time can end up being a boon as this will likewise guarantee that your food is saved for more. So, consistently guarantee that you appropriately warm your food prior to eating. Frozen suppers ought to likewise be set at the cooler’s base. It’s a given that transitory food ought to be eaten almost immediately by your setting up a camp excursion to keep away from superfluous wastage of food.

5. Use Salt

Shocking, yes? Indeed, this is the mysterious trick that we’re almost certain only master campers would be aware of. That being said, adding salt can decrease the water’s dissolving point. Truth be told, when softening water blends in with rock salt, the water becomes colder than even the ice. For this situation, your food and refreshments likewise hold chilliness. Nonetheless, you know how they say, “excess of anything is harmful”, so don’t put an excess of salt. We’re almost certain you wouldn’t care for that pungent taste on your food or lager, right?

6. Utilize Dry Ice Packs

Inside your cooler, you’ll need durable ice packs. Surely, you wouldn’t care to keep your beverages or food in any holder, right? Furthermore, the principal thing to do is to purchase a cooler pack from any nearby store. Continue to fill it with one cup of scouring liquor and two cups of water. Be that as it may, don’t utilize a major cup, since you’ll have to make heaps of ice packs. At last, before fixing the cooler sack, get however much air as could reasonably be expected out. This is quite the nifty trick to help your food and drinks stay cold all through the setting up camp.

7. Keep Your Food Away from the Sun

This is pretty explanatory because the sun and ice can never cooperate. This to the side, you need to guarantee that your cooler is consistently concealed during your camp-stay to avoid any immediate contact with the daylight. A few campers, as a rule, like to leave their coolers in their vehicles until the trip starts, particularly during hot seasons when the temperatures are high. During colder seasons, notwithstanding, you’ll have less to stress over as your cooler would wind up holding more briskness. Likewise, be careful not to hold your cooler near any hot piece of your vehicle.

8. Try Not to Take Perishable Foods

Even though it very well may be hard to remain without a proper meal throughout your camping trip, this can in any case end up being worth the danger. You can pick different meals to rapidly get your protein fix without essentially relying upon new meat and dairy. This is because new meat and dairy can turn sour rapidly without refrigeration. If meat should be essential for your everyday diet, you can generally pick either hamburger jerky or summer hotdog. Attempt to stay away from any delicate cheddar like brie or mozzarella and rather take along firm, matured cheddar like gouda or cheddar.

Our Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned tricks and tips should efficiently keep your food cold while you’re busy making the most of your camping trip. Everything has a solution if you really put your mind to it. So, if you’re considering canceling your camping trip just because of the food situation, well, don’t, as we’ve fixed that problem for you. So, go out there and bask in the beautiful nature that’s waiting for you, while not worrying about the food going bad.

Happy Camping!

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